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For as long as he could remember, Tej enjoyed reading. He’d head out to the bamboo forest each day, get comfortable on the soft ground and immerse himself in whatever story had captured his attention.

As Tej’s birthday approached, he assumed his father would present the newest bestselling adventure book as a gift.  Tej was in for a surprise…a big one.

Instead of the desired adventure book, Pappu gave Tej a magical flying carpet.  “Tej, you love to read, and you love to learn; now you can become an explorer.  Go where no panda has gone before,” Pappu said.

Tej was delighted.  He thanked his dad for the gift, packed some books and headed off on his first journey.  Tej promised to write to his family and friends, so they’d know what he was up to.

To this day Tej continues to travel around the world and back in time.  And no matter how busy he gets, he always finds time to send postcards and notes to his family and friends.


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